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MOA: University of British Columbia


Multicoloured skirt of pandanus fibre, which has been looped over and tied to a sennit twine belt. The skirt is layered with one long fringe, and one short fringe.

  • Narrative

    This type of skirt is customarily worn by pre-menses girls on festive occasions.

  • Type of Item skirt
  • Culture Micronesian
  • Material fibre, dye, pandanus leaf fibre
  • Measurements height 58.0 cm, width 53.0 cm, depth 1.0 cm (overall)

  • Previous Owner William H. Alkire
  • Received from William H. Alkire

  • Made in Woleai

  • Collection Date during 1964
  • Ownership Date before August 16, 2017
  • Acquisition Date on August 16, 2017

  • Item Classes textiles
  • Condition good
  • Accession Number 3274/0070