Shadow Puppet

MOA: University of British Columbia

3338/23 a-b

Pair of Imperial Guardian lion shadow puppets. Lion dog (part a) shown in a full body profile, with one front paw raised on a ball. A large fan-like tail extends up behind it. Lion dog (part b) facing forward with only front paws showing side by side next to a large ball, and a portion of the fan-like tail is visible behind the large ears. Both lion dogs have green shaggy coats, wide open red mouths, and are shown with reddish-orange ribbons decorations around them.

  • Type of Item puppet
  • Culture Chinese
  • Material cow skin, watercolour paint, lacquer
  • Measurements height 8.0 cm, width 16.5 cm, depth 0.1 cm (part a) height 14.0 cm, width 11.0 cm, depth 0.1 cm (part b)

  • Creator Lu Family
  • Previous Owner Lu Family
  • Received from Lu Family, Museum of Anthropology Exhibitions Budget

  • Made in Tangshan

  • Creation Date during 2018
  • Ownership Date before December 21, 2018
  • Acquisition Date on December 21, 2018

  • Condition excellent
  • Accession Number 3338/00