Shadow Puppet

MOA: University of British Columbia


Shadow puppet head from “Journey to the West”. Flat head made from semi-translucent cut, punched and painted hide. The face is cutout and outlined in black. He has wrinkles, large bushy brows, big round eyes and a long pointed black beard. He wears an ornate black headdress with red, green and yellow. The headdress is decorated with a large green pompom, a large red pompom and then many smaller pompoms as well as dragons. Two long red with yellow and green tassels extend down from the headdress. A long neck acts as a tab to insert into the collar of a body.

  • Narrative

    Jing leading male archetype. Head made for two foot tall puppet. Facial features and beard indicates the character's treachery.

  • Type of Item puppet
  • Culture Chinese
  • Material cow skin, watercolour paint, lacquer
  • Measurements height 32.0 cm, width 19.5 cm, depth 0.2 cm (overall)

  • Creator Lu Family
  • Previous Owner Lu Family
  • Received from Lu Family, Museum of Anthropology Exhibitions Budget

  • Made in Tangshan

  • Creation Date during 2018
  • Ownership Date before December 21, 2018
  • Acquisition Date on December 21, 2018

  • Condition excellent
  • Accession Number 3338/0004