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MOA: University of British Columbia


Small fabric pouch composed of one piece of fabric folded on itself, then sewn on the bottom and a side, leaving an opening at the top. Central design is a large diamond, flanked by concentric triangles to create a square-shape. Within, heavily embroidered geometrical and floral designs and five small inset circular glass. Five off-white shell buttons along open edge. A single row of shells with knotted thread in orange, burgundy, and light blue-green between the shells across the bag on both sides. Four tassels with light blue beads, one red, green, taupe, and eggplant, one on each bottom corner, and one at end of each shell row. Each tassel wrapped with metallic thread. Small circular mirrors inset into dark purple circular embroidery around bottom and side edges.

  • History Of Use

    Make-up pouch?

  • Type of Item pouch
  • Culture Hazara
  • Material shell, glass, wood, metal, fibre, dye
  • Measurements height 19.0 cm, width 19.0 cm (overall)

  • Previous Owner Imelda Phelan, Fergus MacIntosh
  • Received from Imelda Phelan, Fergus MacIntosh

  • Made in Hazarajat

  • Ownership Date before November 20, 2018
  • Acquisition Date on November 20, 2018

  • Item Classes textiles
  • Condition good
  • Accession Number 3332/0014