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Dress Fragment

MOA: University of British Columbia

3332/18 a-b

Two dark purple triangular pieces from a dress (parts a-b). Heavily embroidered in cotton thread and metal thread on the front. Following the triangle-shape, a single row of small oblong mirrors are bordered with red, blue, burgundy or green embroidery. Small triangles of light blue and white beads separate the embroidered designs and the long edge is lined with a row of sections of light blue and then white beading. Each fragment backed with red and thin black striped fabric.

  • Type of Item fragment
  • Culture Pashtun
  • Material glass, metal, fibre, dye
  • Measurements height 10.5 cm, width 17.5 cm (part a) height 10.5 cm, width 19.0 cm (part b)

  • Previous Owner Imelda Phelan, Fergus MacIntosh
  • Received from Imelda Phelan, Fergus MacIntosh

  • Made in Pakistan

  • Ownership Date before November 20, 2018
  • Acquisition Date on November 20, 2018

  • Item Classes textiles
  • Condition fair
  • Accession Number 3332/0018 a-b