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MOA: University of British Columbia


Small skull cap fully embroidered in small squares forming a zigzag type design around the band, bordered with thin bands of colour. The dome has a small flower or star design on top. Lined with solid beige fabric.

  • Type of Item hat
  • Culture Pashtun
  • Material fibre, dye
  • Measurements height 9.0 cm, diameter 6.5 cm (overall)

  • Previous Owner Imelda Phelan, Fergus MacIntosh
  • Received from Imelda Phelan, Fergus MacIntosh

  • Made in Pakistan

  • Ownership Date before November 20, 2018
  • Acquisition Date on November 20, 2018

  • Item Classes textiles
  • Condition fair
  • Accession Number 3332/0039