Chilkat Pattern Board

MOA: University of British Columbia


Painted wooded pattern board for a Chilkat style robe. The panel is somewhat rectangular except for the bottom right corner which is cut off at an angle. There is a rectangular human-like face at the centre front, above which is an eye form containing a frog face. Below the rectangular form are two inverted eye forms, to the right of which is a foot with claws. Above, are two more eye forms. At the midpoint of the side edge is a rectangular profile human-like face looking inwards towards the centre. Back is undecorated.

  • History Of Use

    The design for a chilkat style robe is first painted onto a pattern board, then precisely copied in weaving. The style operates within strict conventions, but also permits subtle individual variations and originality. Full-sized renderings of the designs are painted on the wood board, but because the blanket designs are symmetrical, only one half needs to be painted. (For an older example, see A8326.)

  • Cultural Context

    textiles; weaving

  • Narrative

    William White, a weaver, hired Henry Green to make the board and paint the pattern, based on his design. This pattern board was used by White to make MOA #2641/1 (chilkat style child's robe).

  • Type of Item pattern board
  • Culture Tsimshian
  • Material cedar wood, paint
  • Measurements height 63.0 cm, width 71.8 cm, depth 3.5 cm (overall)

  • Creator Henry Green, William White, Ian Morven
  • Previous Owner William White
  • Received from William White, Museum of Anthropology Acquisitions Budget, Brenda Focht

  • Made in British Columbia

  • Creation Date during 2002
  • Ownership Date before August 4, 2019
  • Acquisition Date on August 4, 2019

  • Condition good
  • Accession Number 3379/0001