MOA: University of British Columbia

3630/1 a-b

Large lidded wooden chest. The exterior of the chest (part a) shows finely grooved texturing on surface. Each panel has borders at all four edges, with fine, vertical, parallel lines throughout the centre. Five parallel grooves run horizontally along the upper and lower edges of the chest, with diagonal grooves down each adjacent corner. The corners and base are secured with root-like(?) ties, wood pegs and nails. The exterior has a dark brown-black colour. The interior of the chest shows carving tool marks. There is a rectangular piece of wood along the interior, bottom edge of one side panel. The lid (part b) is flat on underside, with an upright ridge along the long front and back edges. The side edges are also carved with fine vertical parallel lines. The lid is composed of three pieces of wood pegged and nailed together. The underside surface of the lid is covered in carving tool marks.

  • Narrative

    Purchased by the donor from a Sotheby's auction (NY) in 2019. Previously purchased by Trotta-Bono Ltd, from the George Terasaki collection.

  • Type of Item chest
  • Culture Nuu-chah-nulth
  • Material cedar wood, root, metal
  • Measurements height 6.0 cm, width 116.5 cm, depth 61.0 cm (part b) height 62.0 cm, width 116.5 cm, depth 62.3 cm (overall) height 61.0 cm, width 115.5 cm, depth 62.3 cm (part a)

  • Previous Owner George Terasaki, Gary R. Bell
  • Received from Gary R. Bell

  • Made in Vancouver Island

  • Creation Date between 1800 and 1850
  • Ownership Date before June 15, 2023
  • Acquisition Date on June 15, 2023

  • Condition fair
  • Accession Number 3630/0001 a-b