MOA: University of British Columbia

A6570 a-b

Wooden, two symmetrical dish halves (parts a-b) in form of a killer whale and squid; carved and painted. The inside has a black painted sea serpent ? design on both sides. The two halves are held together by a metal latch; together the dish is conical in shape. The dish is painted in black, red, white and green.

  • Iconographic Meaning

    Represents a whale: gwa'yam.

  • History Of Use

    Used at large feasts.

  • Type of Item dish
  • Culture Kwakwaka'wakw
  • Material wood, paint, metal
  • Manufacturing Technique carved, painted, latched
  • Measurements height 37.0 cm, width 77.5 cm, depth 39.4 cm (overall)

  • Previous Owner Tom Patch Wamiss
  • Received from H. R. MacMillan, Tom Patch Wamiss

  • Made in British Columbia
  • Collected in Kingcome Inlet, Ukwanalis

  • Creation Date during 1850
  • Ownership Date before 1953
  • Acquisition Date during 1953

  • Condition fair
  • Accession Number 1900/0001