MOA: University of British Columbia


Off-white clay bowl with black painted design across interior. Central design is of large figure with very long phallus, being held up by three smaller figures. Large figure has their long hands held upright, with the palms up. They have spiked hair, small bun on the back of their head, diagonal line across cheek, and are wearing a checked collar. The smaller figures have braided(?) hair and protruding phalluses. Interior edge of bowl trimmed with five linear bands; outer bands are thicker than inner. Patterns stamped and done in relief across exterior sides of bowl. From top to bottom: swirls with human and animal motifs throughout, raised line, repeating words "OUR HISTORY", inverted stepped triangles, abstract diamonds inside ovals, alternating feathers and groupings of vertical lines, potted flowers, abstract linear motifs, and circles. Artist inscription, done in black, on base: artist mark. Judy Chartrand. Ancient Mimbres. circa: 1100 AD. "WAKUSOYO". Tewa language.

  • Type of Item bowl
  • Culture Cree
  • Material clay, paint
  • Measurements height 9.6 cm, diameter 32.5 cm (overall)

  • Creator Judy Chartrand
  • Previous Owner Sally Michener, Katy Michener
  • Received from Katy Michener

  • Made in Vancouver

  • Ownership Date before 2023, before September 22, 2023
  • Acquisition Date on September 22, 2023

  • Item Classes ceramics
  • Condition good
  • Accession Number 3644/0001